Energy Quality and Control Solutions

Energy sources are abundant, in Australia and across the world. The best companies, manufacturers, and industries want to reduce their carbon footprints, enhance their reputations, save money, and improve their efficiency. However, even the most well-intentioned businesses cannot accomplish this alone. This is why an increasing number of Australian companies are focused solely on finding Power Quality Solutions. Below is a list of the many benefits they provide any organization, from small business entities to large, industrial corporations.

The technologies these companies employ address power quality issues through capacity measuring, electrical harmonics, power factor analysis, power usage optimization, and regulation compliance.


The above technologies are applicable for any structure, from small office buildings to multi-corporation skyscrapers. They are especially useful in health care, heavy industry, mining, telecommunications, utility companies, and others where constant, high-capacity power use is a necessity.

They are experts in safety and compliance with city, territorial, and nationwide laws and regulations. Through the training and maintenance they offer, the client company saves money in inspections, penalties, fines, and upkeep. Regulations tend to change with each passing year. Instead of spending time and money training their own employees, these companies supply the client with the training, updating, inspection, and standards they need to stay open.

To lower insurance premiums, workplace injury, and workman’s compensation costs, they provide both employees and management with essential safety training. This also serves to increase employee confidence in their management, while increasing worker productivity.

In addition to training and energy management services, they produce and sell quality products that include braking resistors, capacitors, electrical safety enhancers, harmonic reactors and filters, lighting protection, neutral earthing resistors, power factor correction tools, surge protection, transformers for special, high voltage machinery and outlets, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and voltage optimization.

No company achieves maximum efficiency and success alone. To this end, power quality solutions companies like Captech (found at Power factor correction) are partnered with power suppliers and electrical safety manufacturers such as AmpControl, APC, and Ortea.

Whether leaders are building a new business or facility or are seeking to improve and save costs for an already existing one, these companies can help. They often offer first-time energy consultations that are free or at a reduced cost.

Even the youngest power quality solutions companies will have an impressive list of references and satisfied clients. Business leaders should rely on their networking connections to learn more about the successful companies that are in the best position to suit their needs.

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